One-Minute Scenario is a project occupying a defunct driving school in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a period between the exit of the nearly 80 year old business and the expansion of a neighboring restaurant.

Artists and other cultural producers are invited to sell editions and unique works. The original interior is left mostly the same. The major alterations to the space are additive. Green sand is spread over the floor of the back room and "Beautiful Music" piped in to act as a bridge between the work and the space.


Alex Jovanovich

Lactic Incorporated

Jen Fisher

Isaac Nichols


Raul de Nieves

Noah Miller

Derek Marks

Carlos Valencia

Jake Yuzna

Michel Huerta

Ben Hall

Rebecca Forgac

Katherine Hubbard

Victoria Keddie

Come Tees

Jaclyn Jurist

Ken Goldstrom

Aaron Anderson

Camilla Venturini & Jesse Hlebo

Misha Kahn

Cynthia Chang

Other Means

Photos by Eric Scott


Photos by Kyle Knodell