Like a game, CEDILLA is an unfixed form reacting to, and shaped by, the individual players and context of each iteration. An artist project instigated by Ben Hall and Jake Yuzna, CEDILLA continues the Fluxus tradition of allowing for the people, principles and dialogues to shape the context of its space and what is created.

Staged at irregular times, CEDILLA attaches itself to known models of production and consumption. Like its typographic namesake, CEDILLA marks these forms, maintaining their shape yet distinguishing them as something else.  

A variety of “products” are offered.  These products may be physical objects, such as artist multiples and functional goods or a range of research and non-physical production such as concepts, activities, contexts or relationships.

Host to artists, designers, and other cultural producers who value this element of play, CEDILLA produces work that reconsiders our ties to existing structures.



Ben Hall / Jake Yuzna